Shegal’s concept on Homeopathy.

Rediscovery of Homoeopathy

Mandanlal L. Sehgal

ROH Book Series(I-X).
I-VIII, Written by Dr. M. L. Sehgal.
IX- X, Co-authoured by Dr. Sanjay Sehgal and Dr. Yogesh Sehgal.
R.H.O Sehgal, photograph by Drofart

Anything new at first appears strange, also it invites two types of reactions. One is acceptance and the other is rejection.

Acceptance does not necessarily mean adoption. But it is a sign of unprejudiced thinking towards an idea/view/concept, while rejection is a sign of prejudiced thinking. I would suggest that the reader should read this book with an open mind and make any judgement about the work only after verifying it practically. To master any new concept one has to follow the guidelines to understand and apply it as given by the originator. It is only after verifying (in the clinic) that one can decide about the merits or demerits.

Dr. Sehgal has designed this book with the philosophy and clinical aspect of his method in various forms like:

1. Basic points of working with this system
2. How to recognize the Present, Predominating and persistent?
3. Clinical aspect of this method
4. Interpretation of the patient’s expressions in sickness, into rubrics.
5. Recognizing an individual

To my surprise, I have found many expressions, which I have heard in my own clinic but did not know how to use them. The interpretation of rubrics is done so perfectly that I cannot see any other way of doing it.

For example the rubric LAUGHING, speaking when is explained in relation with other rubric HIDES, things. It means a patient can hide his emotions behind a laugh.

The most interesting part of Dr. Sehgal’s method is the use of common expressions in the case taking. Normally we get such expressions by our patients in almost every case. While conversing with a physician or their family members/friends etc. a patient uses them frequently. Like, I have heard many times my patient asking about their problem. I never gave importance to it in the past but now after discovering or learning about method I have observed that not only patients ask for it but they also ask for it in different manners. Their tone and style varies.

It is very important for a physician who likes to apply the rubric of mind to understand and differentiate between the rubrics which are identical in nature or learn various expressions of one rubric or acquire the art of differentiating between many medicines given under the same rubric.

All in all, I can say that this book is a collection of GEMS and if used in right way, many of you will get benefited.

download free pdf[Link is not working anymore:( we are looking for other reliable sources]

22 thoughts on “Shegal’s concept on Homeopathy.

  1. Thanks a lot. Very revealing book series. I checked English dictionary of Kent’s time but the meaning assigned to words were sometimes different. Hope more light will be shed on the true meanings of rubrics.


    • Thanks for your suggestion, I will try but bangla books are not available for free in www. And are protracted by copyright, however if I got any I will provide the link in my blog.


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