Download Practical Homeopathic Therapeutic by W.A.DEWEY M.D

Practical homeopathic therapeutic by Dr. Dewey is a reliable and efficient therapeutic reference to various diseases and is useful for both newbies and experienced practitioners.


The work has been undertaken, to supply the practitioner of homoeopathic medicine with reliable, practical & condensed indications for the more important remedies in diseases.

No attempt has been made to give indications for all the remedies that may be indicated in various affection.The object of this book has been to restrict rather than to elaborate, to give the practical indications for a few of the most prominent remedies rather than to dwell on the elaborated possibilities of many.

The therapeutics of certain conditions which modem pathology recognizes only as symptoms, such as headache, constipation, diarrhoea, leucorrhoea, etc., have been included in the work.

Should this volume in any way tend to the furtherance of homoeopathic prescribing and lessen the growing tendency to
neglect our therapeutics for easier but less satisfactory methods, the writer will consider that the time occupied
in its compilation was not spent in vain.

W. A. Dewey, M. D.

19 thoughts on “Download Practical Homeopathic Therapeutic by W.A.DEWEY M.D

    • Thiru Dr. W.A.DEWEY M.D Averkal, i receive your homepathy tips from , Tips and Secrets of Homeopathy at oct 2013

      that is : Two Keynotes of Ferrum

      Ferrum is one of our best remedies for cough with vomiting of food. It is also one of the very few remedies having a red face during chill, and has more than once led to the cure of intermittent fever on that symptom.

      Practical Homoeopathic Therapeutics – W.A. Dewey MD

      It is useful to me. so i serce in web site and download your pdf book. super sir. very very useful book.
      thanks lot.

      Now i want some remadies for Leucoderma ( Vitilogo ) please give perfect medicine.


      • Treat the pationt not the decease. take hole symptoms and go through constitutionaly. you will get dfinitly the perfect medicine.– G.P. Mandal


  1. Dear Drofart- It would be very useful of us if you could provide any book of Dr Dorothy Shepherd- like The Magic of the Minimum Dose.




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  3. Dear sir,thank you for providing very essential book of homeopathic tips.this will ease the way to treat every patient in a short this time Google is giving very big tips for android user,if possible pls help me with that tips making its short pdf file so that we can use those tips with mobile device.regards,malaker


    • Thank you Dr. Malaker for your appreciation. But i did not get the google tips part, i would be more than happy to help you if you could explain about it in detail.



    • Hello Dr. Rai, I tested the link and everything seems fine. Can you tell me what exactly is the problem? Or alternatively you can reach me at my mail id given in my blog for further information.


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