Download Homeopathic Book “Repertory of the Symptoms of Rheumatism Sciatica Et cetera” by Alfred Pulford

   They say little little things in life make it large & indeed, i have always followed this kind of small works to not only read & memorize meteria medica effectively but also to prescribe successfully in very specific morbid conditions like say ‘RHEUMATISM‘, one of the most troublesome and prevalent diseases of many centuries. These kind of works are classics of targeted research and practical experience. I hope you will gonna find this little work of Dr. ALFRED PULFORD, M.D. very helpful against crowding fuzzy philosophical works of modern so-called homeopathic masters.

                                                                                                                                     Dr. Mrinal Kar Mohapatra

   In vain has been the search for a work on Rheumatism that was at once up-to-date, available and reliable, but so far have not been able to find one, and like Bell with his immortal work on Diarrhoea, etc., have gathered together in the past twelve years reliable and verified symptoms and put them in convenient form, but as my script is almost unreadable, concluded to print the MSS. and give my friends the benefit, for which reason this work appears among you.

   The publication of this work was offered to Boericke and Tafel, but as they already had a ten year old work on hand they hardly felt like printing another one, and I inferred from this that there would not be any other work published on Rheumatism as long as a copy of the ten year old edition could be sold.

   Rheumatism, while a very prevalent disease, seems to me to have been a very much neglected subject as far as works go. That there is and has been a demand for works on this subject is evinced by the large number of subscriptions already received for this little book.

   It is the sincere wish of the compiler of this Repertory that it may prove as great a convenience to his fellow physicians as it has to himself.

                                                                                                             Dr. ALFRED PULFORD, M. D. Tiffin, Ohio.

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