Download “Curability of cataract with medicines” by James Compton Burnett

Now and then, in my clinic i face this dreadful symptom of mankind, one of the most common disease of eye
with very little scope of cure with conventional medication. Surgery really helps but also carries a
lot of side effects, whatever many have benefited from book and from the contribution of the great
author to homoeopathy, i hope you guys will love to go through the book, it is short and rich with personal experiences.

The subject of the medicinal treatment of cataract has occupied my mind at odd intervals for several years, and having, in general practice succeeded in curing, or ameliorating a few cases of this malady, I have, after much hesitation, determined upon the publication of this volume.

My original intention was to write nothing on the subject until I could prove the curability of cataract by an extensive experience and a consequent array of facts likely to convince the ophthalmic surgeons themselves; but mindful of the fact that the pretension of being complete too often results in sterility, I have decided to delay it no longer.

                                                                      In magnis voluisse sat est

                                                                                                                                                              J. C. BURNETT.

4, Harley Place,
Harley Street, London, W.
November, 1879.

by Dr. Mrinal Mohapatra

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