Dermatophytosis, fungal infection, ringworm or tinea, whatever you say does not really count for a homeopath. We treat according to symptoms. Have a look at this beautiful book by J. COMPTON BURNETT, I can assure you that your confidence and result in treating these diseases will gonna be better with each passing page.

Some years since I published a small volume under the title of Diseases of the Skin from the Organismic Download Ringworm its constitutional nature and cureStandpoint, and in it I seek to show that the so-called diseases of the skin are for the most part diseases of the constitutions of the persons, and not diseases of their skins. Since that time I have had ample opportunities of making observations on the true nature of skin diseases, and these observations tend almost uniformly to prove the correctness of the view.

Gout in the big toe is not a disease of the said toe; acne on the shoulders of young persons is not a disease of the skin of the shoulders; neither is a yellow-coated tongue a disease of the tongue.

The disease under consideration in this tiny treatise is one of the most characteristic, and its outward nature is indisputably parasitic; yet a careful survey of the young individuals that get it shows that they all have very peculiar characteristics — serological, cutaneous,and glandular.

Ringworm inspires disgust; more or less almost all skin diseases do that, and yet a perfectly clear skin may enclose a very diseased organism, and a skin-diseased person may have a relatively much better constitution, and have ail his internal organs in a relatively much better state, his cutaneous manifestations not withstanding.

Indeed, I would almost go so far as to say that many cutaneous manifestations betoken, in a certain sense, constitutional power, in the sense, namely, that such organism has the power to determine its diseases to the periphery, to it’s outside. It other words, the disease being of the organism, it is a smaller evil to have it outside on the skin than to have it inside in a given organ. Gouty inflammation of the big toe is one thing; the same process in the stomach, quite another; therefore, the disease being given, it is the stronger person who throws said disease into his skin; but that does not make it a disease of the skin. Old physicians who used to set up issues in their patients’ flesh, and maintain them there, knew well what they were about.

In regard to ringworm I am of opinion that absolutely healthy children do not and cannot, catch it. Before they can catch ringworm it is essential that they be in tainted health in some way, for otherwise they could not supply to theparasitic fungi the food which they need to live and thrive on, and to continue their propagation. On careful reflection, this I believe will have to be conceded, and this the following pages illustrate clinically.

You cannot grow a common mushroom except under given conditions, neither can you the trichophyton of ringworm. The trichophyton is not the disease itself, but its organic scavenger. Cure the internal disease, and this scavenger dies.


86 Wimpole Street,

Cavandish Square, W.,

August 1892

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